Filigree Metal Masks

Women's Masquerade Masks (Filigree Metal)

The hot list. Beyond Masquerade, the Hollywood destination for masquerade masks. Dress up and be stylishly extra to every event you're attending. Whether it's to a masquerade ball, pool party, bachelorette, birthday bash or throwing a party at home, crown yourself with the most intricately beautiful masquerade mask by Beyond Masquerade.

In this section, you will find masquerade masks made of filigree metal, a very light-weight metal that is great to wear for long hours. The best reason to select a metal masquerade mask is because it could be carefully bent to fit everyone's unique facial features comfortably.

Filigree metal masks bring an exquisite feel of modernity and traditional Venetian feel. You're guaranteed to turn heads everywhere you go. When you're not wearing the masquerade mask, they make an excellent decor piece on your vanity, bed side or could be beautifully used as wall decoration.