The Best Masquerade Masks for Prom, Prom Theme Ideas and Prom Names!

The Best Masquerade Masks for Prom, Prom Theme Ideas and Prom Names!

Published by K.C. on Apr 6th 2018

The best masquerade masks for prom.

The most exciting time of the school year is definitely prom and all the senior only activities~ You've worked hard all these years in school and it's time for a beautiful and incredible celebration to toast to a great year together with your closest friends and everyone who has been there for you through the tough and happy times! 

One of our favorite prom themes is a masquerade prom. Let us tell you, a masquerade ball is incredibly fun and engaging for the class dance. Party masks also make the most elegant masquerade prom decorations and centerpieces and you can always pick up masks from the party mask sale section. They are just as great and masquerade masks could be used as your prom centerpieces as table decor. Having masquerade accessories such as masquerade masks and masks that compliments masquerade themed prom dresses are probably what makes having a masquerade prom theme fun, whimsical and magical. Masquerade decorations are effortless and easy! You can even have a high school senior group bonding event to decorate blank masquerade masks together. 

Masquerade masks are so fun to shop for! You and your date can browse through a selection of couple's masquerade masks that have matching masquerade mask themes. Some of our favorite and affordable masquerade masks are from BeyondMasquerade. 

Here are some of our voted best prom theme names that we hope could help inspire your prom theme ideas:

  • Masquerade Ball Event Theme
    • Masquerade Escape
    • Masquerade Rendevous
    • A Night of Mystery
    • Masquerade Carnival
    • A Stroll Down Masquerade Lane
  • Majestic Carpet Affair
  • A Night in the Sky
  • A Night with the Stars
  • Red Carpet Affair
  • Magical Wintry
  • Happily Ever After
  • Masquerade Wonderland
  • Mardi Gras Serenade
  • Yule Ball Great Hall
  • French Quarter New Orleans
  • A Night in France
  • Spring's First Kiss
  • Fantasy Festival
  • Carribean Dreams
  • Casablanca Ball
  • Cupid's Moment
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Hollywood Ball
  • Parisian Night with the Stars
  • Underwater Paradise

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